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Sirius UL+_Vesta 1000

MODEL Sirius UL+ Vesta 1000
Travel X/Y/Z 1,050 / 600 / 550 mm 1,000 / 550 / 500 mm
Table work surface(X x Y) 1,200 x 600 mm 1,100 x 5OO mm
Loadable on table 800 kg 700 kg
Max.Spindle speed 20,000 10,000
Rapid Speed(X/Y/Z) 40/40/40 m/min 36/36/30 m/min
Tool storage Capacity 30 24
Feed Motor(X/Y/Z) 4.0/4.0/7.0 kW 1.8/1.8/3.0 kW
Electric Power Supply 55 kvA 30 kvA
Coolant tank Capacity 270 l 380 l
Machine Weight 9,500 kg 6,500 kg

Sirius UL+:

Vesta 1000:


Features of the new product:

1.By the deployment of "ADVANCE" control device, and improve the processing performance and operability:

  • The adoption of high-end models equipped with the "ADVANCE" controller, operation processing speed is improved and processing performance is improved up to 30% as compared to our basic model and the conventional "EA8M".
  • improve the operability of the touch panel programming of standard equipment, mouse, keyboard to "ADVANCE" control device.
  • The graphic user interface corresponding to the touch panel, enabling intuitive operation

2.The ease of use:

  • The adoption of the "automatic elevating work tank", limited space (machine body footprint: 3.1 meters) can be installed to.
  • The reduction of the unevenness of the work space, and realize the efficiency of the setup work and the work of attaching electrode and workpiece.
  • The adoption of the "automatic lubrication device", some maintenance work or work of grease lubrication is unnecessary.

3.Enhanced automation support, and improve productivity:

  • Newly developed by the "automatic electrode exchange equipment LS-ATC", 50% reduction of our conventional ratio electrode exchange time.
  • Enhanced flexibility of connectivity and arrangement layout of the transfer robot system with high market demand.
  • It supports symmetrical arrangement to be placed in two symmetrical EA8S across the robot system.

Mitsubishi EA8S:



Travel X/Y/Z 1050 / 530 / 510 mm 720 / 510 / 460 mm
Table work surface(X x Y) 1260 x 600 mm 850 x 510 mm
Loadable on table 1200 kg 800 kg
Spindle rotating Speed 10 ~ 20,000 10 ~ 12,000
Rapid traverse rate X/Y/Z: 20 m/min X/Y: 40, Z:30 m/min
Cutting feed rate(X/Y/Z) X/Y/Z: 1 ~ 20,000 mm/min X/Y/Z: 1 ~ 20,000 mm/min
Number of Stored tools 30 20
Spindle Motor 15/11 kW 15/11 kw
Power Supply Mitsubishi 31 / Fanuc 29 kvA 32 kvA
Coolant tank Capacity 260 l 240 l
Machine Weight 6,800 kg 5,500 kg



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